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Time is gold, and today we feel it better than any time before. For students, having some precious free time often sounds like science fiction somewhere in the same row with trips to Mars. Indeed, the period of time when you are snowed under is harsh, – you’ve got to be super-responsible, extra-attentive, and make a mighty effort to seek motivation to study every single day. Visiting tutors, trying to make ends meet and working two jobs, managing to pass every assignment in time, attending classes, passing exams, – all of that is only a small part of what an average student is up to.

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Every time a student is applying to a certain faculty or a dream place to study, achieving it can’t be too easy. World famous universities and colleges make it a must for a newcomer to make his or her goals and dreams clear. And that is where a personal statement rules.

Being a key stage of an application process, it looks very much like a CV, or curriculum vitae, written to apply for a job. In this statement, you need to mention the skills and abilities, experience, ambitions you have, and the plans you aim to reach with the help of studying here. Just think of the next 3 or 4 years of your life that you want to spend here – this is what your personal statement will be all about.

But why are we talking about the chance to buy personal statement?

Well, let us explain it. There are times when you have got the ideas, know what you want to describe, and everything would be cool, but for… Formulating. Sometimes you just lack the skill to put your ambitions in a readable way, and, with the stressful preparation for the future life at university, it becomes one more reason to panic.

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